An Artist Reception with Martino Hoss

Celebrating the solo exhibition “Yosemite Reunion: Impressions of a Park

This past weekend, West Coast landscape artist Martino Hoss joined our gallery in Yosemite in celebration of his new solo exhibition. Hoss shared stories of his prolific and versatile career as an artist, where he has explored many mediums including pastels on copper, painting, serigraphs, block prints, monotypes, pen & ink drawings, mobiles and murals.

In his exhibition “Yosemite Reunion: Impressions of a Park,” Hoss has created a luminous body of work using pastels on copper—a medium that he works in to bring out the inner light of the landscapes he composes.

Martino Hoss and Tracy Lorenz at the opening reception of his show.

The metallic, warm quality of the copper shines through the vibrancy of the soft pastels, offering a jewel-like representation of the Yosemite’s majesty.

At the reception, many friends and art lovers gathered to experience Hoss’ work in person. Elegantly framed to protect the delicacy of each piece, Martino Hoss’ work provides viewers with a sensual interpretation of the atmospheric light so particular to the Yosemite landscape.

Enjoy this collection of moments from the reception. To view the full exhibition, please see our collection of Martino Hoss pastels on copper.

For questions about the artwork, or to preview a particular piece in your home, contact us at With a little bit of photoshop magic, we can superimpose the piece in your space, helping you to complete your vision.