Ansel Adams in LA

Eye local photos taken by the photo legend.

Quick. Think “Ansel Adams” and then tell us what the next thing is that springs to mind. Is it a stunning, ethereal shot of Yosemite’s Half Dome? Is it a panoramic take on some distant, snow-capped mountain range?

Did we hit close? Mr. Adams, a legend among legends in the photography pantheon, took many an iconic photo in his lifetime, but he is much associated with epic, breathtaking nature shots. But the California-born and California-loving auteur also snapped his share of city photos, too.

That subset includes many snaps taken in our own city. And now the Los Angeles photos of Ansel Adams have gone on display at drkrm gallery on Spring Street.

The exhibition is on now through March 17.

In the collection: A rather amazing depiction of Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills circa 1940. A domestic-themed picture of the Olympic Trailer Court. And some silver-gelatin-y wonders that capture the vigor and spirit of our downtown.

The photos are from the Los Angeles Public Library Ansel Adams Collection. Mr. Adams took the pics for a Fortune magazine assignment, says the gallery. And, here’s an interesting tidbit: The photos were “rediscovered” by the photographer in the 1960s. (They were “in his papers”; isn’t that where so much of our own stuff disappears?) It’s a plot point that adds just a bit more juicy backstory to a series that is already intriguing enough in its own right.

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