Meet Our Photography Instructors

The mission of our highly-trained instructors is to guide you through the fundamentals of learning all aspects of your camera and expanding your visual literacy. We want you to discover, appreciate, protect and support this amazing place that we call home. Take a walk with us today to explore the wonders of Yosemite National Park.

Brittany Colt

Brittany Colt first found her passion for photography at age ten while on a family vacation in the Olympic National Forest located in the state of Washington. Her passion for the art form grew exponentially, along with developing a strong desire to capture as many beautiful moments on this earth as possible.

Brittany’s creative journey began by photographing landscapes and continued further into the applications of portraiture and wedding photography. This led to her establishing a photography company in 2012, while also working in the Film Industry in Portland, Oregon. In 2016, Brittany started a formal degree program in Graphic Design. These combined experiences in Graphic Design and the Film Industry helped mold and influence her attention towards light, color and composition in her work.

In 2018 Brittany developed an additional interest in teaching photography, and started working as a Staff Photographer for The Ansel Adams Gallery. Brittany loves to challenge her students and expand their minds, not only technically, but creatively as well.

Dillon Engstrom

Dillon joined The Ansel Adams Gallery in 2018. He, his wife and their 3-year-old son relocated to Yosemite a week before the 2018 Ferguson Fire started near Yosemite National Park, which made for an interesting move-in period and adjustment for his young family. Fortunately for us, they weren’t deterred, and we are very happy to have Dillon as the newest member of our team.

Dillon holds a BA in Photography from San Jose State University. While his first love is portraiture photography, his passion for the outdoors keeps landscape photography as a close second. He is 6’6” tall, so he sees the world from a different perspective than many around him; and gives him a unique advantage that the rest of us could only wish for! Dillon loves to teach and encourages students’ love of photography as an art medium. He feels that being able to work and teach at The Ansel Adams Gallery, in a national park like Yosemite, is definitely living the dream.

Pro Tip: Keep your telephoto lens on your camera and your camera accessible and on automatic or program mode at all times. Things (i.e. bears) pop up at a moments notice. Trying to unbury your camera, change lenses and change settings may cause you to miss that shot. Be prepared for those encounters!

Christine Loberg

A native Californian, Christine White Loberg, developed a love for photography at age 13, when asked to photograph her dad as Santa Claus for one of the local malls. After high school she took photography classes at Cal State Fullerton to expand her technical skills, attended Brooks Photography College and took additional classes from the Main Photography School which is sponsored by Kodak.

Christine has worked in photography stores, photo studios and photo labs to increase her photography knowledge. Developing a love for nature, she became involved with The Sierra Club, making frequent visits to Yosemite. It was during one of these visits that she met Ansel Adams, and then in 1985 decided to accept a job working as a lab technician in Yosemite Valley. Christine is our most senior staff photographer having worked for The Ansel Adams Gallery for many years while also working as a seasonal Ranger for the interpretive division in Yosemite National Park.

Christine has also worked and taught for The Yosemite Conservancy, Kodak Corporation, Yosemite Park and Curry Co., The Sierra Club, Vision Academy of the Arts, YMCA, Yosemite High School, Road Scholar, and Parks in Focus. Having raised her sons in Yosemite, she instilled in them a love of nature and a zeal to protect it for the next generation.Tremendously passionate about photography and nature, Christine has made it her mission and life-long goal to inspire and teach the next generation of nature photographers.

Pro Tip: Keep it simple. Control, Simplicity and Placement for your subject matter.

Michael Wise

Creativity and the art manifested through it are necessities of life.

We recognize the value from the teachings and heritage of the art making presented by earlier communities. In the 1500’s, Giorgio Vasari formally promoted that the story of art is one of progress – where each artist is to learn from those who came before.

I believe Ansel Adams influenced an understanding that the artistic integrity in photography is one to be passed along and not held selectively. In part, Adams’ legacy was the development of a genuine collaboration and creative collective. These unifying ideas must endure today.

My journey into creativity has been a life’s passion. I developed my advanced technical proficiency through commercial photography and my teaching abilities as a university professor. And still, I struggle to explain the creative origin of my photography.

The natural gesture of Yosemite National Park offers me an emotional and intellectual grounding. And through my photography teaching and guiding work at The Ansel Adams Gallery, I continue to learn the joy of sharing and expressing the creative enlightenments that are bestowed by this natural environment.

Mike Reeves

Mike Reeves grew up visiting Yosemite and has lived in the park since 2010. Yosemite has inspired photographers and artists for generations, and he includes himself in that group. After completing his degree in Geography from Sacramento State, Mike couldn’t think of a better place to work. Explored by numerous photographers since the days of Ansel Adams, Mike enjoys sharing unique geographical features of Yosemite that would be difficult for others to discover on their own. There are many small, hidden areas that most visitors do not ever get to see and enjoy, even though they are often easily accessible.

Abstract photography is another of Mike’s loves, particularly when working with colors and shapes within moving water and using reflections as an element of the composition. Although Mike still makes many photos of the grand vistas in the park, they only get a public viewing when they feature particularly interesting light, weather patterns or other phenomenons.

Working with photographers at all degrees of ability, Mike, enjoys the process of guiding and nurturing individual talent to ever higher skill levels. By helping students to learn and expand on their technical mastery; within a short period of time they are able to apply this new knowledge to greatly enhance their own creative visions. Working with a variety of cameras, including a 4×5 film camera, digital SLR and even an occasional cell phone shot. He enjoys demonstrating to class participants that great images can be made with any device!