The Art of Digital Photography with Kirk Keeler

Looking to dive into the creative possibilities of your digital camera surrounded by some of the world’s greatest natural wonders? Staff Photographer Kirk Keeler and Yosemite Valley offer just that in “Using Your Digital Camera,” a hands-on, outdoor lesson offered by The Ansel Adams Gallery. In the course of one afternoon, Kirk’s class explores artistic possibilities in digital photography with step-by-step tips and techniques in aperture settings and priority, shutter speed, ISO, and using histograms to optimize exposures. Kirk instructs you how to unlock the power of your digital camera so your creativity can soar to new heights.

Practice and explore, be engaged, and return home with an extraordinary photography collection from your Yosemite Valley experience.

In Kirk’s class, he guides photography students throughout the valley, teaching how to better understand the way your digital camera “sees.” He engages thoughtful conversation on how our cameras interpret the scenes before us, and how if we understand this better, we will achieve more satisfactory results. A distant mountain may appear majestic and gleaming to the eye, but to the camera it may be interpreted as a distressingly small, weak image. Learn to make thoughtful adjustments with your camera that allow you to capture the scene as your eye perceives it.

Using Your Digital Camera” teaches you how to intuit your camera’s capabilities and quickly solve problems of scale, contrast, harsh light, and depth of field.

Taking a class with Kirk is both fun and creatively rewarding; he has had a life steeped in the arts with a background in drawing and painting, piano, guitar, and an extensive experience photographing in the great outdoors. In 2007, Kirk purchased a digital camera to learn more about this emerging medium, and was quickly swept away in a passion for landscape photography. He moved to Yosemite National Park in 2011 and has been sharing his passion for fine art photography as a teacher at The Ansel Adams Gallery ever since.

Not only does Kirk’s class enrich your digital camera expertise while practicing new skills in a variety of locations throughout the Valley, it is also guided by stories of Ansel Adams’ personal curiosities and discoveries in camera and film technology.

Sign up for “Using Your Digital Camera” and acquire the skills to truly capture the essence of Yosemite Valley with your digital camera, soaking up the surrounding splendor each step of the way.

“The great rocks of Yosemite are the most compelling formation of their kind. We should not casually pass them by for they are the very heart of the earth speaking to us.” – Ansel Adams