Yosemite Reverence: New Paintings by James McGrew

Now on Exhibition at The Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite
February 23rd – April 11th, 2020

All inquiries: mwise@anseladams.com

  • Bridalveil and Learning Tower from Across Merced
  • Winters Magic
  • Sentinel Falls, Leidig Meadow, Panorama
  • Yan-o-pah
  • Sentinel Rock over Cooks Meadow Winter
  • Cho Looke Chiaroscuro
  • Fresh Snowfall, El Cap and Merced
  • Cathedral Sunset, Leidig Meadow
  • Cathedral Range Sunset Over May Lake
  • Peregrine Territory
  • Jupiter Setting over the Tetons
  • Last Late on Upper Yosemite Fall
  • Autumn Colors in the Cathedrals
  • Ahwahnee Morning

James McGrew’s Paintings from this Exhibiit

One of the great relationships in history is the one forged between humans and nature, the intervening courtship often interpreted through the artistic mediums of the time. Yosemite’s own success story owes much to the romantics of the nineteenth century, whose photographs and paintings helped bare the conservation movement, and protect the wild lands of the West. Today, these talismans of silver and oil are held in great reverence, as affirmations of yesterday, and mnemonics for tomorrow.

With his own dedicated approach, en plein air and on elaborate studio canvases, painter James McGrew has continued this tradition. On his affinity for Yosemite, James has written:

‘Yosemite’s awesome geology, raging rivers and wildlife command awe and respect. Annual winter storms bring Yosemite not only mysterious beauty and wonder, but also accumulate the snow pack which melts each spring and generates life-sustaining waters and raging falls. Such vital water carves geologic features and provides diverse habitat and sustenance for Yosemite National Park’s ecosystems from forests and wildflower filled meadows, to aquatic systems. The complex and fragile ecosystems dependent upon winter precipitation now face greater variability and uncertain future with a warming climate.’

Opening on February 23rd and running through April 11th, 2020, “Yosemite Reverence: New Paintings by James McGrew” will showcase the dramatic beauty of winter storms and spring runoff; another chapter in the great relationship between humans and nature and art.

A reception for the artist will be held on Saturday, February 29th from 1-3pm. We hope to see you there!